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A Tale of Two Kindness Stories

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Written by Julia Altemus

"Neighbors supporting neighbors. That's how I grew up."

Summer Moving Sale

Last Summer I found myself needing to shed yard and landscaping tools, so I sold my lawnmower, leaf blower, fencing, and other items. A few days after all the items found a good home, there was a knock on my door. The person who bought the lawnmower was standing on my front porch and to my surprise wanted to give me more money. She told me she loved the lawnmower and didn’t feel that she paid enough. I was completely floored. What a wonderful act of kindness! The kind gesture and additional money were much appreciated.

Winter Wonderland

Goodness, we’ve had snow, cold weather, and ice this season. I have witnessed a lot of stuck cars and trucks in snowbanks. Thankfully, there has always been a passerby to the rescue. I and a neighbor had an opportunity to help a young couple, new to the neighborhood, during one of these storms. Their front-wheel drive wasn’t handling the snow and they couldn’t get home. With the help of my neighbor and myself (and my sweet dog), we were able to help them get unstuck and to their destination. Welcome to the neighborhood!

About Your Neighbor:

Julia Altemus is a third-generation Missoula native. She attended Franklin grade school, Hellgate High School, and the University of Montana. She is grateful to have been appointed to several state, regional, and federal positions during her career. She has served as an advisor to the Western Governor's Association, the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program, and the U of M Bureau of Business and Economic Research. She currently holds advisory positions with the Montana Forest Collaboration Network, the Federal Forest Resource Coalition, and is a member of the Montana Board of Environmental Review. Julia is also one of the founders of JSJ International, Inc. She adores her three grown children and loves to play tennis and to take long walks with her super sweet dog, Onion.

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