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Hello Missoula: Time to Share Your Kindness

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

We Can't Wait to Hear Your Kindness Story!

Did you participate in an act of kindness or did you witness something or someone in the Missoula community being stellar? Don't be shy, share your story to inspire! Kindness is contagious and the more we can share our stories the shinier and kinder becomes our community.

How to Publish:

Follow the guidelines below and then email us at with your submission. If your story is approved, you'll be published! You do not need to be a writer to submit, but you do need to be a TAPMissoula member. You can register on the homepage. Membership is free. If you're published we will promote your work!

Missoula Kindness Story Guidelines:

1. Your blog needs to land under 650 words.

2. Follow our lead, good vibes only.

3. Keep it PG.

4. Please attach an original photo or video that describes your story. If community members are recognizable in your media please use something else. If you can't find anything don't worry, submit anyway. We don't want that to stop you from sharing!

5. If you are a Missoula business please contact us at the email below before submitting. We have separate guidelines for you.

6. No politics or solicitation.

7. If you're unsure about your content feel free to reach out to us at

8. Must be a member to be considered. Membership is free.

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